Become a digital-guide

One-time effort - Zero cost - Lifetime passive income


A platform for self-guided city exploration tours

OnTripquest provides quests which are tours in game form. The app enables locals and travelers to explore and learn about the cities on their own. Just visit places, follow clues, crack codes, solve quizzes, and unlock local unique stories!


Who can become a Storyteller?

Any local who knows an interesting story of his / her city can join us. Creativity and writing skills are also essential, but we can help.

Tour operators

Tour guides

Local Experts and Bloggers

How much can you earn?

This is a long-term revenue share.
The amount of your income depends on the type of cooperation and the sales channel. You can receive up to 40% of every booking.




of long-term revenue share

You search and write, all are your effort.
You earn 30% of the profit that your quest generates all the time.




of long-term revenue share

You search and we support you in writing.
You earn 15% of the profit that your quest generates all the time.




of booking value

You can post affiliate links to your quests (and other storytellers' quests) on your websites and social media, then get commission. Super easy!

3 simple steps


Collect raw materials and draft the outline (theme, route, story).


Write the content, arrange clues and codes logically according to our guidelines.

Test & Publish

Invite your friends to test your quests, then improve it. Finally, publish and earn money!

Once the quest is published, everything else is on us


We promote the quests on all channels as apps, websites, OTAs, social networks, media, etc.

24/7 customer support

Whenever the players need support, we are available to help them.

Tech updates

The platform is constantly improved that your quest can benefit from.

Performance tracking

Our system will gather feedback and present insight statistics so that you can improve the quest perfectly.

Frequently asked questions

Please send us your CV. We will arrange an online meeting with you to know more about your working experience and your skills. Don't hesitate, just fill in our form, we will contact you soon!

No. We provide you a page to create your quest with a friendly interface. It's simple, you just need to fill in the contents in text, and upload image, video, or audio.

We send remuneration to storytellers via bank transfer once a month. OnTripquest stands for legal compliance and transparent business. Therefore, we urge our storytellers to declare income in accordance with the requirements of the laws of the country of which you are a tax resident. For individuals, we will deduct 10% personal income tax and provide certificate of personal income tax withholding. For companies, please issue VAT invoice for your storyteller rewards.

We provide detailed statistics indicating the source of sales. This section will be available to every storyteller after free registration on the platform.

We give you detailed guidelines for every step. And we also support some cool tips to promote your quests so that you can earn more and more passive income. You will receive this kind of information after you've been approved to become our storytellers. Besides, you can chat with OnTripquest supporters for some advice.

It's best if you live in the city. But we make exceptions if you live in a nearby area or you have a deep knowledge about that city, and you can come to that city to check if some facts in your quest have been changed.

There are some tools available for you to record. You will receive this kind of information after you've been approved to become our storytellers.

It depends on your knowledge and your skills. Some of our talented storytellers complete their quests in only 2 days.

You propose a price based on our range and standards, and we'll give you feedback, then we set the final price.